about my practice

The Basics! The practice of acupuncture is based on an energetic view of the body.  Energy (Qi, pronounced “chee”) is the “stuff” that defines a living organism. It moves continuously in the body, assisting the function of our organs.  When Qi energy gets blocked or exhausted, there will be illness and/or pain.  The needling we are familiar with in acupuncture is designed to move stuck Qi, thus alleviating pain and promoting health.  In addition to needling, I offer other ancient modalities for moving Qi taken from Traditinal Chinese Medicine including moxibustion, cupping and massage.
A Little Less Basic! Sometimes needling, simply redirecting energy, is enough to move into health.  Other times our bodies require something more, extra energy or compounds not found in our diets, in order to heal.  In such cases I recommend dietary changes and/or herbs.  Chinese herbs are quite effective.  They can be taken as a very potent tea or a slower acting tablet or powder.  I offer all three of these herbal modalities in my practice.
My Favorite Thing About Being an Acupuncturist/Herbalist:
Alternative medicine empowers us to heal our own bodies and proactively manage our health.  I love seeing patients who feel at the mercy of some illness, become masters of their health.  Traditional Chinese Medicine provides us with a powerful framework through which we can examine, treat and understand our unique bodies.
What to Expect!
First time: For an initial visit, set aside 90 minutes for consultation and treatment.  Wear loose clothing.  (Don’t worry if this is not an option, gowns and loose pants are available.)
Next time: Subsequent visits normally last 60 minutes.
How Often and How Long: This varies with severity of symptoms and duration of illness.

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